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We are delighted to bring you a varied and diverse educational programme this year interspersing plenary talks with parallel sessions and practical hands on sessions.

Preliminary Programme (PDF)


Organising committee

Name Affiliation
Nandinee Patel Joint Programme Lead
Natasha Gunawardana Joint Programme Lead
Cherry Alviani Deputy Lead & Junior Representative
Olympia Tsilochristou Abstracts lead
Fiona Rayner BSACI
Louise Colonnese BSACI
Vivine Smith BSACI
Rebecca Batt Nurses Representative
Isabel Skypala Dietetic Representative
Matt Doyle Primary Care Representative
Catherine Hyland  CEA

Programme Planning Committee

Name Affiliation
Nandinee Patel Programme Lead (joint)
Natasha Gunawardana Programme Lead (joint)
Fiona Rayner BSACI CEO
Cherry Alviani Deputy Lead & Junior Rep
Graham Roberts BSACI President
Becca Batt Nurses representative
Karen Wright Dietetic representative
Isabel Skypala Dietetic representative
Patrick Yong Immunology
Judith Holloway Education
Matthew Ridd Primary Care
Glenis Scadding Rhinology
Nick Makwana Paediatric allergy
Olympia Tsilochristou Abstracts lead
George Gkimpas Adult Allergy
Polly James Pyschology
Helen Smith Education/transition/Ethics
Dorothea Grosse Adult nurse
Marta Vazquez Ortiz Paediatric Allergy