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The British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology (BSACI) is the national professional and academic organisation representing allergists, clinical immunologists, allied health professionals and physicians with special interest in allergy.


BSACI membership gives you access to Clinical & Experimental Allergy news online, BSACI Guidelines and access to the website’s members area allows you the opportunity to become involved in Society activities (such as committees, guideline groups, external consultations and professional representation with the Royal College of Physicians). To hear from our members on their experiences of BSACI membership and to find out more visit

BSACI Guidelines

BSACI Standards of Care Committee (SOCC) oversees the writing of all BSACI guidelines. SOCC produces guidelines for the management of patients with allergic disorders in secondary care as well as initiating and leading national audits. Other sub-committees write guidelines that adhere to the principles laid down by SOCC, to ensure consistent high-quality guidelines are produced. BSACI NICE accredited guidelines are free to access and published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy – the official journal of The British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology and are used worldwide. To access BSACI Guidelines visit


The official journal of the BSACI Clinical & Experimental Allergy published by Wiley-Blackwell is essential reading for allergy practitioners and research scientists with an interest in allergic diseases and mechanisms. Click here to find out more.